How to place an order

At Indigo we aim to make placing an order with us as simple and straight forward as possible.

Choose your package

We have a wide and varied array of packaging to choose from and trying to decide which one is best suited for your CD or DVD can be a bit of a headache. That's why our helpful staff are on hand to answer your calls and emails to help you make the right choice of packaging.

Call us on 020 886 12349 or send us an email to info @, (remove spaces), and our experts will happily guide you through the whole process.

Permission forms (The legal bit!)

We need you to supply us with filled in IPR and Permissions forms for us to accept your order.

The IPR form states you are the owner of, or have permission to use the content on the CD/DVD.

The Permissions form gives permission to Indigo to make copies of your master.

Preparing your artwork and master

When sending artwork to us please make sure you follow the guidelines set out below:

Use our templates:

Our artwork templates are easy to use. Simply import the PDF template into Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, ensuring the resolution is at 300dpi and that the colours are in CMYK format. Arrange your artwork on a separate layer while adhering to the template guidelines.

Saving your files:

Before saving your files remember to bring our template layer to the very bottom so that there are no markings on top of your artworks. Save your file as a PDF at the highest quality available, with font sets embedded.

We can accept your artworks as a JPEG or PSD, but please remember that PDF is our recommended format as it gives the best quality possible.

Preparing the master

Always use a high quality disc to ensure that there are no errors.
Burn the disc at the slowest speed possible. Ideally 1 x speed, but no more than 8 x speed.
Make a backup of your master before sending it to us. Do not send us your only copy.
You will receive an exact match back from us, so ensure your master sounds/plays/looks and functions exactly as you require the final to.

Sending us your material

Below is a check list of items that need to be enclosed in the package you send us.

>>Clearly label your CDs/DVDs and pack them carefully.
>>Attach a print out of the quote you received.
>>Enclose the IPR and Permission to Replication forms.
>>Enclose your artwork on a seperate CD.

Masters and artworks should be posted to the address below:

Unit 11 - Raymac House
59A Palmerston Road
Harrow, London

When we receive your package we'll contact you to confirm and let you know that your order is in production.

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