Bulk DVD Duplication & DVD replication

Already have your packaging but don't have anything to put inside? Then our DVDs on spindle sounds like just what you need.

An ideal option for replicating a large quantity of DVDs if you don't require any DVD packaging.

DVDs on spindle enables you to replicate just the DVD media, and this is delivered to you in bulk. We can supply you replicated DVDs on spindle in any DVD format you provide us. This includes DVD5, DVD9, and DVD18. You'll receive back an exact match of your source material on the replicated discs.

This package includes DVD pressing from a glass master and full colour printing onto the DVD disc. The DVDs are then bulk packaged onto spindles of 100 units.

Free next day delivery to a UK Mainland address is included and your goods can be ready in 10-13 days from artwork approvals.

Products Details:
- DVD glass-mastering
- DVD stamper & replication
- DVD full colour printing
- Mass spindle bound packaging
- FREE next day delivery to UK mainland address

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