DVD Packaging Options

A variety of DVD packaging styles and options are available to go along with your DVD duplication or replication. These can be classified into two main categories, those that are industry standard plastic or polycarbonate DVD packaging, and those that are mostly card based DVD packaging. Using the product carousel below, you can browse the range of DVD case options available.

DVD Packaging Styles

DVD Packaging - Industry Standard

The industry standard packagings developed for DVDs are the DVD case. DVD cases are available in black and clear cases. A list of packaging options available are as below, clicking on the links will take you to more information and details about that style of packaging.

Black DVD case 
Clear DVD cases &
Plastic PVC sleeves 

DVD Packaging - Eco Friendly

The following packages use either no plastics, or are majority cardboard based packaging options. They are a more customised packaging option than standard DVD cases, and have the choice of a gloss or matt laminate finish. A recycled option is also available for cardboard packaging.

DVD digiPaks 
Printed DVD card sleeves 
Printed DVD card wallets 

We are able to offer the industry packages for all CD duplication service orders. For the Eco-friendly packaging, a min number will apply for duplication runs. If you have special packaging needs like embossing, spot lamination finishes, pantone colour printing and custom sizes and packaging shapes, then get in touch with us to discuss your ideas. For CD and DVD replication orders, Indigo can offer all the packaging options.

At Indigo we specialise in CD Replication and DVD Duplication. We can supply anything from 1 disc all the way up to millions of units.

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