DVD Duplication

When the requirement is for few tens or hundreds of copies of DVD, but less than 500, then duplication is the preferred method. For a higher quantity then DVD replication is the right method to use.

Duplication is the same as DVD copying and DVD burning, this same process is just scaled up. Dedicated duplicating towers are used to carry out the DVD duplication. These are usually standalone DVD copying machines. The process involves duplicating data on to blank DVDr discs.

Once the DVD duplication is complete, then the DVD printing begins. This will be done either on a thermal printer, which is very good for solid single colour imagery DVD reproduction, or using an ink-jet DVD printer, which produces good results for designs that have pictures, photos and graphics.

DVD duplication is a fast process and is the ideal DVD manufacturing process to use when the DVD copying is required fast. We have the capacity to turn your DVD duplication work around in 24 hours or even same day.
Once the disc is ready, there are a selection of packaging options to choose from for the DVD disc to go into. This includes, plastic PVC wallets, DVD cases, printed card wallets, slimline jewel cases, and all of these packages are available with paper printed inlays and booklets to accompany the DVD.

The DVD manufacturing process

The manufacturing process for DVD duplication is as follows:

1. You email or call us to confirm a price for the DVD production.

2. You provide your master DVD through the post or upload the master to an FTP server.

3. Likewise the artwork can be emailed, uploaded or sent as data files on an additional CD or DVD.

4. Once we have received all your material, your details will be entered onto our system, and you will be emailed PDF proofs of the designs.

5. Once you have approved the proofs, we begin the mass production of your DVDs, and any paper parts.

6. After the print, duplicating and packaging has been done, the goods are boxed and labelled up, and sent on a next day courier service for delivery onto you.

What types of project is DVD duplication suitable for?

We find that a short run DVD duplication service is useful for media and production houses that require a few promotional copies of their video for use at press conferences, hand outs at exhibitions and seminars.

Many designers, animators, photographers and those in the media field often have DVD copies made up of their show reels. DVD duplication is a very cost-effective way of having DVDs manufactured that look and feel professional and make a good impression.

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