DVD Digipak

DVD digipak

The DVD digipak really makes a big statement about your film release. This new modern style of packaging has several added benefits to conventional plastic DVD cases.

Firstly, the design of the DVD digipaks allows far more printed surface than a DVD case. Not only is there printing on the front cover, spine and rear cover, the inside left and right panels also have a full colour print. The tray where the DVD disc sits in the digiPaks is also clear, allowing for print to be placed behind this.

The other big advantage in manufacturing the DVD digipak is that it uses far less plastic parts in manufacture, therefore reducing your carbon footprint, and making this package a premium, eco-friendly option.

Like most our products, this can be ready for shipping in 12-14 days from artwork approvals, and benefits from free UK shipping.

Products Details:
- DVD glass-mastering
- DVD stamper & replication
- DVD full colour printing
- Full colour 4 panel digiPak printing & manufacture (4/4)
- Packaging of DVDs into digiPaks
- FREE next day delivery to UK mainland address

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