DVD Copying

When DVDs are copied, just as with CDs, there are 3 main ways employed to do this. These are DVD burning, DVD duplication and DVD replication. Which process is used depends on the quantity of DVDs required and how fast the DVDs are required.

DVD copying means copying data from one DVD, to make just one, or multiple of further copies. Each copy is an identical match of the master disc.

There are a range of different capacity discs available on the market, these include DVD5 which stores 4.7 Gb of data, then there is DVD9 or dual layer that stores 8.5 Gb of data and DVD18 which can handle a capacity of up to 17 Gb of data. If the later are required for DVD copying then the only economical method of manufacture for this is to go for DVD replication.

Use a DVD burner

For single copies or just a very few copies of DVD5 and dual-layer DVD9, then the cheapest method for DVD copying is to do it in your own computer system. All computer systems come with DVD5 recorders built in, and most of the new systems on the market also have DVD9, or dual-layer DVD read and write capability. A DVD to DVD copy would be the operation that needs to be done and all good CD and DVD copying packages will be able to handle this type of DVD copying.

DVD Duplication

The second method of manufacuturing a quantity of DVDs is DVD duplication. This method is a scaled up version of DVD copying.

Information on DVD Replication

The third method, and considered the best method of mass manufacture of DVDs is to use DVD Replication.

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