Clear DVD cases

Clear DVD cases

DVDs in clear DVD cases are similar to the ones in DVD black cases. The DVD clear case stands out from the crowd due to their different colour. When printing the inlays that go on the outer cover, we usually print these double sided for DVD clear cases. When the DVD case is opened up, the print on the reverse side of the card can be seen on the inside of the case.

This product can be made ready in 10-14 days from approved artworks.

The DVD is manufactured from a stamper and pressed. The DVD is then printed in full colour along with the inlays, and all the parts are inserted into the DVD casing. This product can also have an optional DVD booklet printed and inserted. This booklet can be from 1 to 32 pages in size.

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Products Details:
- DVD glass-mastering
- DVD stamper & replication
- DVD full colour printing
- Full colour inlay printing (4/0)
- Packaging of DVDs and paper parts into clear DVD cases
- FREE next day delivery to UK mainland address

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