CD Copying

CD copying refers to the process of transferring data on to compact discs.

There are three main ways in which this can be done. CD burning, CD duplication and replication. The method chosen will depend mainly on the quantity of discs that you require, and also how fast the discs are required.

Using CD-R recorders / CD Burner

The first is to use the built in CD recorder on computer systems to make copies of the CD. The data can be copied onto CD-R or CD-RW, the later enabling you to re-write to the disc if you wish. This is the fastest and cheapest way of creating a CD copy. There are several commercial programs available to help write the data on to the CD in several formats. These include audio CD, data CD and video CD. A CD can be copied by using a computer that has two CD drives, where at least one should have the capability to write therefore enabling CD copying. The blank CD that the data needs to be written to has to be placed in the drive that has the write capability, and the source disc should be placed in the other drive. Then using suitable software on the machine, the process of CD copying can be started.

CD Duplication Information

The second method for CD copying, is to use CD duplication publishing systems.

CD Replication Process

The third method for CD copying is known as CD pressing or CD replication. This is the most economical method to use for quantities over 500.

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